A digital company in Jakarta, Indonesia.

capital six is a jakarta based website company. we work closely with our clients in preparing and maintaining all of the digital things needed to run their business, such as websites, social media, and digital marketing.


As a full-stack website / digital company, we thrive to provide most online services. We work with both brand new companies and well-established companies with their existing websites. Our clients come from different backgrounds and industries, with different needs and problems, from small to larger scale.

Some of our services include:

  • Web Design & Planning
  • Development
  • Online Presence Activation
  • Technical Maintenance
  • Domain & Hosting
  • Email Setup & Assistance
  • On Page SEO
  • Electronic Direct Email Marketing
  • Traffic Reporting

white label

Capital Six are able to work as a ‘white label’ company. When working as a white label, we do not advertise our works (unless with permissions) and any project will remain confidence, therefore you can use our service with confident, and let us do the works under your company’s flag. We work behind the scene to ensure the websites are running well and at their full potential. Email us to get started.

clients / works

Agam Riadi1, Andramatin2, Archie, Archipelago Festival*, Artjakarta3, Bagteria, Badan Ekonomi Kreatif, Bakerzin, Biznet, Blue Waves Group, Boga Group, Byvelvet, Dia.Lo.Gue2, Enviropress Australia*, JFCC, Kiindred (Australia)*, Mandarin Oriental2, Master Label Indonesia, Midplaza Group, Paradise Dynasty, Pepper Lunch, Manullang & Kolopaking, Mazuki, MOIE, Noble House2, Nothing, Por Qué No, Sandei Blinds, Shopatvelvet, Sugar & Cream, Sunset Limited, Whiteboard Journal4, etc.

*Design not by Capital Six
1 MATA Studio
2 Leboye Design
3 Artnivora
4 Studio 1212

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Melawai, Kebayoran Baru

p. +62.21.2963.1616
wa. +61.819.0896.8384
e. hello@capital-six.com

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Below are works which have we have done and we’re thrilled with the final result of the projects. Please note that not all of the website below are designed by us. You can find links to the designers below. Check our social media to check out our other projects.


Task: Company Profile & Archiving Web Development

Andramatin is one of the most influential Indonesian architects which has contributed to many private and public places in Indonesia. Capital Six was tasked to develop the website which was designed by the Leboye Design. We were thrilled to be entrusted by Leboye as one of the most prominent Graphic Design studio in Indonesia. For more information, please visit Andramatin.



Task: E-Commerce Development

Nothing is a street brand based in Sydney, Australia. Capital Six was assigned to design and develop this e-commerce site. Nothing is an infamous brand with stockists located around the globe. This website is “busy” website and needs to be able to ensure the visitors able to purchase the products safely and easily. Visit Nothing’s website. Design by Table Six.



Task: Web Development

A showcase website of a fashion brand in Jakarta, Indonesia. Mazuki has been known internationally and has contributed to many fashion events around the world. Their rather different approach in viewing fashion industry turned this site to be a one of a kind type of a brand site. Visit Mazuki. Design by Table Six


whiteboard journal

Task: System Architecture & Web Development

A carefully planned and designed news portal in Jakarta which offers information and news about lifestyle and culture in Jakarta and Indonesia in general. This well-designed website is designed by Studio 1212. Capital Six was assigned to help with the planning of the system and to develop the website. For more information about the website, please visit Whiteboard Journal


agam riadi

Task: Web Development

Agam Riadi is one of the most celebrated interior designers. We were appointed to develop his beautifully designed website by Mata Studio. For more information please check Agam Riadi.