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Scope of work

Brand Identity


Brand Identity


Rege Indrastudianto, Vinny Asrita, Yudit Halim, Asto Adiprastowo, Ayu Widjaja

Lazuardi, Indonesian for lapiz lazuli known for its brilliant blue color, represents the children like precious gems that must be guarded for a bright future. With several schools established by the Lazuardi Hayati Foundation since its conception in 1994, the shift away from its title as a global islamic school notes a return to the true islamic value of compassion.


A rebranding was needed to strengthen Lazuardi’s brand image. Through a thorough and cohesive visual communication, Lazuardi will be able to showcase and symbolise the story behind their shift into a “Global Compassionate School.”


Maintaining the Lapiz Lazuli blue and elements from the existing logo, The new logo is simplified and reconstructed increase legibility when applied on any size and layout.